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Valentine's Day Videos
Love is in the air ...


Don't miss your opportunity to sell your product during the most romantic holiday of the year! If you are a jeweler, it is important to recognize that a Valentine's Day gift is often a precursor to an engagement ring. Melt hearts and sell product this season with videos from our Valentine's Day collection.


Remember, product of your choice can be substituted in any of our commercials. 


TwoGether For The Holidays?

Two stone jewelry is hot this season and this commercial arfully shows the dynamics of the ring and at the same time celebrates romance.

TwoGether For The Holidays?

With Voice Over (Additional $150)

Two stone jewelry is hot this season and this commercial arfully shows the dynamics of the ring and at the same time celebrates romance.

Rhythm of Love Christmas!

The Rhythm of Love collection is possibly one of the most beautiful and romantic collections ever created. Make sure your customers know!

Rhythm of Love Unwrapped!

This spot captures a warm and special moment when an important gift is unwrapped Christmas mornng. This spot can be customized with product of your choice.

Suprise Christmas!

Watch as this Christmas present reveals the special gift inside! This spot can be customized with product of your choice.

Snowy Holiday!

The backdrop of snowy mountains is a romantic setting for this couple and the perfect setting to highlight your best selling jewelry!

You Shouldn't Have!

She said you shouldn't but you knew better. It was worth the smile on her face!

Selfie Christmas

Selfies are part of today's culture and now can be part of your holiday advertising!

Holiday Flyer

Support your holiday flyer with video for more impact!

Adoption of Love

This spot celebrates the incredible love shared by those who adopt a child. If you are supporting a charity that supports an adoption, please let us know. We will provide this spot at no charge.

Year Round 


Let The Force Of Love Be With You!

This fun and timely spot needs no explanation ...

Twogether Not Techonology

Technology may be a huge part of our lives, but we still need to remember what's most important!

The Rhythm of Dance

Dances have changed over time but the Rhythm of Love remains the most important.

Running Away?

Some customers might be a little leery about commitment.  But love will find its way in!  Make sure your company is there when the inevitable occurs.

Rock the Reception!

Getting married is a life changing event that requires some planning. Now you can enjoy the entire experience. Let your company handle the ring and let the customer rock the reception.

Every Step of the Way

Love is a journey. From their first date, to their first home, your company will be there every step of the way.

The Promise

A promise will last a lifetime. Help customers find the right ring for the greatest promise.

The One Sound

There's at least one sound that you both love ... the beat of her heart. Your company provides the only piece that moves to the beat of her heart!

Your Rhythm of Love

Be one with the beat of her heart with the Rhythm Of Love Collection. Show customers one of the hottest collections that your company offers!


Every bride wishes to have the perfect ring and the perfect wedding day. Let consumers know that you have the answer to their wishes.

Special Events

Special events are only special if customers come. Make sure both your current and potential new clients know about your special events.

Twoday, Twonight, Twomorrow

Two stone jewelry is a wonderfully romantic way to tell someone they are your forever.

Save the Forest

This spot supports the wonderful charity program offered by Obaku. If your company needs a spot to support your favorite charity, contact us today!

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Valentine's Day





City Of Love

This commercial was created to let her know that even when you can't take her someplace romantic, you can always get her something romantic from  the dazzling Rhythm of Love Collection.

Twogether for Valentine's Day

This romantic spot let's you know that is doesn't matter where you are as long as your "Twogether." When ONE plus ONE equals US. The Twogether Collection celebrates a special bond between two people. Breathtaking diamonds in timeless designs. 

Valentine's Day Flyer Spot

Support your Valentine's Day flyer with this seasonal spot that drives traffic to your store by highlighting your best sellers!



Video Knot Options

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    • $349

    • $499 W/VO

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        • (6) $1,679     $2,399

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