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The Most Powerful Digital Marketing Platform Ever Available To The Retail Industry!

What if you could incentivize your Social Media followers to become your most powerful army of marketers? With GemPerks you can!

GemPerks makes it crazy, ridiculously, incredibly, stupendously easy for your fans to become Super Fans which are marketers for your business! Using the GemPerks platform we invite your followers to become a Super Fan of your business and for doing so, you will provide them a reward. For example, a $25 gift card to your store.

Once they become a Super Fan they are provided the opportunity to receive special incentives, earn gifts or enter sweepstakes. To do so, they 

simply need to share content that we provide. They are willing to do so because like we said earlier, it's crazy easy! For example if they wanted to earn an entry into your sweepstakes to win a diamond necklace, they simply click the button that allows them to share the content we provided with all their Facebook followers! Why is this so powerful for you? Because when you share something on Social Media with your followers, it reaches a very small portion of your followers. Unless of course, you pay to boost the post. When your Super Fans share content, it reaches a LOT more consumers, WITHOUT paying to boost! As a special added bonus, their posts carry more impact because it is coming from a consumer .... not a business.

About that content we mentioned. The content we are asking your Super Fans to share can be a graphic, a video or even an Interactive Digital Catalog (IDC). Awesome right? Well it gets better. If you use an IDC it will have e-commerce capability, REGARDLESS as to whether or not your website does. We call our e-commerce piece, Gemify. Yes, you can now sell directly to your customers, using an industry leading digital flyer (the IDC). Again, you don't have to have your own e-commerce capability. GemPerks takes care of it all! Imagine, during the holiday season, or even all year round, you could capture extra sales that you may currently be losing to the internet.

Sign up today and start growing your marketing army of Super Fans!

Diamond Package

  • GemPerks (with 6 month commitment Gemify included*)

  • Facebook Management​

    • (3) Posts per week

  • Management of Pinterest, Instagram & YouTube

    • (3) Pins/posts per week 

    • Videos supplied by retailer                                

  • Email Blasts

    • (2) blasts to promote GemPerks

    • (4) Custom ads for product, your special event, or sale

    • Must have current email service like Constant Contact


FEE: $599 per/month

Incentive prizes responsibility of retailer

Additional Options

  • Can be distributed through Facebook & email just like regular IDC’s. Distribution fees are additional & the same as regular IDC’s.

  • Additional branded pages can be added and be e-commerce for a fee. This fee will  be nominal and will be addressed on a case by case basis.

* Gemify is included at no additional charge as long as a Gemify IDC for the product you wish to promote is currently available. New IDC's can be created, however there may or may not be an additional charge. This is addressed on a case by case basis.

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