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The introduction of two-stone jewelry proved to be a hugely successful launch and provided consumers one of the hottest gifts available this past holiday season.! Now the secret is out and consumers will be seeking this product in droves. The major jewelry chains will continue their aggresive marketing campaigns to promote two-stone jewelry. Our programs are designed to help you leverage their marketing dollars in your favor.

However, while two-stone jewelry is becoming all the rage, vibrating diamond product like Rhythm of Love continues to be one of the best selling items throughout the world. So, while it's important to introduce two-stone jewelry, don't neglect the huge opportunities that exist with Rhythm of Love!

Choose a product you would like to promote, then choose one of the packages below! Any of these packages can be adapted to a product of your choice or you can promote both.

5 Minutes For Mom Giveaway

5min for mom Mday giveaway.jpg
Mothers Day 2018

Mothers Day 2018

Play Video

Mother's Day Videos
Moms make the world go 'round ...


Ensure that consumers in your marketplace know that you have many options to choose from to find the perfect gift for Mom! 


Promotional Videos


The promotional videos are short video clips highlighting Twogether or Rhythm Of Love product that can be used for any of your social media efforts to generate interest and product awareness.


Interactive Digital Catalog


This is the SHOW STOPPER, the days of wondering if it's still worth sending out a flyer or catalog are over! It is clear that the consumer still desires a flyer or catalog experience and that the more customers we can involve in this experience, the more sales will increase. IDC"s allow you to more flyers in more hands of consumers!


  • Ability to embed videos

  • Ability to link:

            Enlarged images 

            More product information

            "Email Us"


  • Ability to embed music or voiceover

  • Ability of consumer to clip and email their favorite item to a friendMetrics that tell you what items and links were clicked on providing insight

        into consumer interest

$249 for distribution to 5,000 - 10,000

  • Custom Catalogs Available

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