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Guest Speakers


Hiring the right speaker can be the difference between your audience thinking, "Put me in coach! I'm ready to put a whippin' on the competion!" or "Well there's an hour of my life I'll never get back."  Our seminars are not for those in need of a nap. They are interactive and nobody is left on the sidelines! We are here to have fun, bring new ideas and motivate the bejesus out of people!


Want results? Need a motivated staff? Want to be an industry leader? Then we're the team for you!

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Previous Engagements

Nick's delivery style and effectiveness have earned him many repeat performances as indicated in his list of past engagements!

Associations and conferences that Nick has had the privilege of being hired to provide speaking and training services.  An asterisk (*) indicates speaking engagements at

multiple events.

  •  JCK: Las Vegas*

  •  JA: New York*

  •  JCK: Toronto*

  •  Archery Trade Association*

  •  Atlanta Jewelry Show*

  •  The SMART Show Chicago*

  •  The SMART Show Dallas*

  •  The Columbus Jewelry Show*

  •  Jewelers Marketing Workshop*

  •  RJO*

  •  SJTA*

  •  South Carolina Jewelers Association*

  •  IJO

  •  Illinois/Chicago Jewelers Association*

  •  Jewelers Executive Conference

  •  MJSS

  •  North Carolina Jewelers Association

  •  South Carolina Jewelers Association

  •  Stuller Bridge Event*

  •  Alabama Jewelers Association

  •  NAMM Show Nashville*

  •  NAMM Show Anaheim


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