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Want to review a presentation you saw recently at a trade show?

Collected Concepts is honored to have the privilege of speaking at trade shows held all over the United States and Canada. Below are some of the presentations we have created for speaking engagements.  Each presentation is a cluster of awesomeness, that gives you straight forward information, so you can get back to being the figurative and literal boss. 

Please click on the presentation you would like to review. Have a question or a comment about a presentation?  We would love to hear from you, email or call us at your convenience.


Secret Shopper Presentation: RJO Winter 2016

This presentation reviewed the opportunites that can be exposed when a secret shopper program is implemented.

(No audio)

Is Your Website Working For or Against You?: RJO Winter 2016

The impression potential customers receive of you on line is crucial. Are you ready?

(No audio)

Converting Social Media in to Sales Using Video

This presentation provides insight into creating and using video in your social media efforts.  

(No audio)

Behavioral Sales Training

This presentation discussed focusing on key behaviors when training, rewarding and counseling members of your sales team.

(No audio)

Shop & Share

This presentation reviewed the results from mystery shopping eighteen different stores. In addition, concepts used to review these results or examine a retail operation are discussed.  

(No audio)

Special Events

Special events can account for as much as 20% of your annual sales in just 5 days! It is important to host at least 5 special events per year.

 (No audio)

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