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Social Media 


Beyond the breadth and scope of global users, the real power of social media is the ability to establish a two-way communication with existing and potential customers. And, the ability to quantify and qualify the number of people and the quality of communication (content) is faster and more proven than with any other traditional medium in the history of modern communications.


The platforms listed below are the ones that are currently part of our monthly packages in varying degrees. A brief description is included for each platform. However, as the Social Media landscape changes, so will our packages. Haven't created an account yet for one of these platforms? No problem! Let one of our Social Media experts do that for you!


Facebook has more than 8 million users.  Net-savvy retailers have realized the importance of having a strong Facebook presence.

  •  Manage your business page

  •  Create and post properly sized images to  promote product and events

  •  Host interactive contests

  •  Post fun comments designed to create  interaction 

  •  Teach your staff how to post to your Facebook  page

  •  Utilize your Facebook page to grow your e-    mail database

  •  Videos posted to your Facebook page




Pinterest is an incredibly popular platform used by consumers across the globe to "collect" and share pictures of products they are interested in.  Our Pinterest service ensures your products are part of that mix.

  • Design and post graphics used to promote        your brand and products

  • Design graphics in the proper size and format

  • Create "boards" for your Pinterest account

Google AdWord


Show your ads to "Hungry Fish" actively searching for your product.


  • Design and manage campaigns that are highly targeted to your product/service and marketplace



Email blasts are critical communication tools used in today's marketing environment.  Our e-blast service includes:


  •  Managing email databases

  •  Creating e-blasts to promote events, new    product lines and more.

  •  Utilizing e-blasts to grow your Facebook fans

  •  Videos included in select e-blasts



The Instagram platform was desgined to allow mobile device users to share pictures of moments and products in the snap of a button. We ensure that you are part of this important visual sharing network.


  • Design and post graphics used to promote        your brand and products

  • Design graphics in the proper size and format



YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. Second only to Google. It is imperative that your business have a presence.

  • Identify videos that are available from vendors and post them to your YouTube page

  • Create custom videos to post to your YouTube page

Monthly Packages


Collected Concepts has a variety of packages available to fit any size retailer's or manufacturer's need. 


Social Media post examples:

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