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Special Events

should account for 10 - 20% of annual sales in just 6 days!


Special events not only drive sales and profits, they are a powerful tool for increasing market share. It is important that at least  5 special events are planned annually.  One each quarter and two in the fourth, should be the minimum.

Kiss & Tell Event


This is THE EVENT for any retailer and is the most powerful event we have to offer. If you haven't tried this, you're missing a huge opportunity. If you have tried this event ... you are running it every year!


Create sales volume equivalent to 3% to 10% of yearly volume in just one day!


Your store will be offering your customers the very best value possible on your fabulous selection of merchandise. This one-day event doesn't create a discounting culture for the store, it's a vehicle to reward customers, drive sales and move aged inventory for one day with a credible premise provided.

Training takes place six weeks prior to the event and includes:

  • ​Sales

  • In-store marketing

  • Telecommunications

The marketing campaign includes:


  • Telecommunications

  • Social media

  • In-store marketing

  • In-store signage

Trunk Shows


Trunk shows can be a powerful tool used to produce sales and extend marketshare. However, it is important that in addition to bringing in a special selection of product, that your promotion of the event is strong and your people prepared.

A strong strategy for promoting an event needn't require a large spending budget, but it does require a plan. Consider using Collected Concepts to help with your next event!


  • Designer Event

  • Diamond Show

  • Remount Event

  • Gemstone Roundtable

  • Custom

Holiday Party


Have your holiday parties started to lose their attendance?

Let Collected Concepts help reignite your customers' interest in attending your holiday parties so that you can capture the important sales these events should be generating for you.

Ask about our Pampered Pinterest party!

Let's Play Ball


If your cause marketing is just because, its time to give it some purpose and direction. Support youth groups with charity events that are good for the community, good for your business, and are media-friendly.

Here are two events that knock it out of the ballpark, or are a slam dunk.

Baseball: If an outfield throw barely makes it to the shortstop, or an infield toss doesn't pop in the catchers mitt, it's time to get some serious baseball throwing and pitching help. Former California Angels Major League pitcher, Dick Lange, will host a three-hour clinic covering the
fundamentals of pitching and throwing.
Basketball: Does double-dribbling, traveling, and poor passing make your hoop dreams nightmares? Take in a three-hour clinic covering the fundamentals of ball handling and Vertimax training. Expert coaches will be on hand to help take players games to the next level!

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