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The mission of the Collected Concepts team is to help our clients become more profitable by introducing winning solutions gathered from around the globe.

Branham's Jewelry


"No matter if you are trying to come up with a good idea or make a good idea great, a collaboration between two like minded people almost always produces better results. Working with Collected Concepts has helped us take our business to the next level, by working with us on our ideas and theirs to acheive goals that we would not have reached on our own.  I can’t imagine why any store wouldn’t use their Kiss & Tell event.  Huge profit maker!”

-Ken Branham

Koehn & Koehn


"Nick Failla has been an instrumental part of my business' success...and sanity!  There are seemingly limitless consultants "out there," but very few have the real-world, behind-the-counter experience that is needed to really get through to our salespeople.  He knows what he's talking about...and he knows the end game:  sell more.  (I also happen to like the fact that he's all about measuring if things work or not.  "If we can't measure it...we aren't going to do it."  Love, love that!) 

He's a part of the team...and that makes all the difference for me.  Nice work, man!"

-Andy Koehn

Gems One


"As the rules for jewelry marketing shift from the twentieth century "interruptive" advertising model to the twenty-first century social media model, it will become increasingly important for successful Independent jewelers to embrace a new, continuously evolving consumer engagement framework. No one I know has a better sense of this highly dynamic situation than Nick Failla. In addition, given his career in an earlier life as a district manager for Sterling, he brings a wealth of experience and knowledge about how the Major chains operate that provides a unique and important perspective. We gladly endorse Collected Concepts, and view them as an important strategic partner, for us, as well as for our customers."

George Prout
Vice President Sales and Marketing
Gems One Corp.

Jewelers Workshop


"I want to publicly thank Nick Failla and his team from Collected Concepts for hooking me up with a new web site. They worked quickly, even though it sometimes took me months to get back to them.Go take a look at and drop me a message to let me know what you think.We haven't turned on the mobile button yet, but it is a huge improvement over our obsolete 2013 web site."

-Jason Braden

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