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Think Tank groups were created to bring comprehensive support to retailers across the country! Your business is multi-faceted and your challenges extend beyond any one business category. Shouldn't your support team be just as diverse? 



To create an interactive environment for a select group of retailers in which a structured agenda allows for a shared learning experience for the overall betterment of their retail operations.

That's a fancy way of saying ... overcoming obstacles and growing your business with the help of a likeminded group of professionals!



Problem Solving

Recruiting & Hiring

Marketing & Advertising

Sales Training

Management Training

Coaching Counseling

Employee Incentives

Social Media 

Case Display

That's just the beginning. It's all about your team and what is important to you!



Monthly meetings will be held via GoToMeeting except on months in which a retailer is visited onsite. The entire Collected Concepts team is always available to members.

Onsite meetings include shopping the competition, interviewing your employees and helping you evaluate any part of your business that you would like the team to!


Owners, because they are sharing, developing and implementing business strategies with the assistance of respected peers. Many who are experiencing similar challenges in their businesses or have overcome similar obstacles in the past. An owner is asked to wear many hats. Some of these hats they may not be quite comfortable wearing. Each Think Tank group contains a diverse group of professionals. Many heads ... who have worn many hats and worn them quite successfully. The monthly support of a team is invaluable!

The Managers and Legacy members of your team who have a great deal of responsibility with regards to the success of your business. Their training and support is imperative to the long term growth of your company. That is why as part of the Think Tank team, they will attend a monthly GoToMeeting that provides them the opportunity to interact with a group of their peers and receive the support needed to become an even more productive member of your team! Managers and Legacy associates also attend the two yearly onsite meetings!

The Sales Associates on your team are the life blood of your company. They are on the front lines interacting with customers and doing their best to maximize sales. Are you doing your best to support their training and do you have a strategy in place to ensure they feel they can achieve their very best performance every day? Think Tank provides a monthly GoToMeeting for your Sales Associates to help new associates become more productive faster and to help seasoned associates to brush up on their skills so they can maximize their opportunities. All in the "safety" and "comfort of their own group of peers.


Contact Darci Aselage today to see if there is an opening in a Think Tank team that would fit your goals and aspirations. Think Tank Teams are extremely valuable and incredibly fun. Join one today!

Nick Failla

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