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It's more than just getting answers ... it's about getting results!


Collected Concepts, LLC


Our name says it all!  At Collected Concepts our goal is to bring you the best training and marketing solutions from across the globe. Our goal is to collect the best solutions and strategies and share them with you to help you improve your business then bring them to you. We can do this because for over 25 years we have been ... "In the loop!"

We also believe that there are great opportunities to rework or "supercharge" existing ideas by taking a moment to look at them in a different light ... "Outside the box," if you will.

Nick headshot 2020 BW.png

Nick is known as the “New Hope” in the marketing realm.  In a galaxy far, far away, Nick was the leader of the rebel alliance who fought to dethrone the empire.  For 25 years he fought along side different retailers and wholesalers.  But it wasn’t enough, Nick needed to do something drastic.  Hence the founding of Collected Concepts, the last line of defense for small companies in the galaxy.


Nick’s experience as a space pilot, star fighter, and rebel commander, has given him the ability to be successful in the marketing field and an excellent public speaker. Spreading his knowledge of internet marketing, sales training, social advertising, special events, Guerrilla marketing, generational marketing, and advertising, Nick is truly the key to intergalactic success.


Nick is a proud graduate of Adrian College and began his graduate work at the University of Michigan.  Nick and his unique team are constantly looking for the next creative advantage and innovative strategies to help retailers and wholesalers become more successful. 

Nick Failla

Head Honcho


Kathy was the lead guitarist in a metal band called “Acid Marketing”.  Critics acclaimed her the next Eddie Van Halen. Unfortunately, her rock star lifestyle ended all too soon. The constant touring and shredding led Kathy to seek a simpler way of life.  Kathy went on to work as “liaison to Toyota Motor Manufacturing America” and Customer Service Supervisor at Cardinal Health, Inc, for 22 years.


But Kathy missed the thrill of the rock star lifestyle, she needed something more. That's when she found Collected Concepts; the perfect combination of simplicity and rock star.  You might find Kathy shredding a guitar once in a while; but she spends the majority of her time helping companies tweak their business to meet the needs of customers.  If you have a problem, Kathy can solve it! 

Kathy Stelmachowske

Social Media Overlord


Diane spent most of her life shipwrecked on a small island in the Caribbean.  A 3 hour tour on the SS. Minnow, quickly went south and left Diane and six others, stranded cast-aways. A true story of perseverance, she swam ashore to the United States to further her career in Art.  Her new perspective on life has driven her to some of the best work that the marketing industry has to offer, never forgetting her time she spent on the island. 


Diane's unique story makes her the perfect art director and designer.  She offers new advice and insight on all the projects created at Collected Concepts. 


Keeper of the Crayons


Kerstin Schultz


(Freaking Fabulous Factotum)

How did Kerstin (pronounced Sher Stin in honor of her Swedish background) get elevated to the prestos level of F.F.F. you ask? Well that's simple. She's awesome and our total utility player. She can fill any position at a moment's notice. Kerstin is our go to gal for communicating with our vendors, retailers and sales force.


She makes interactions with customers, manufacturers, and sales representatives look effortless. But this shouldn't come as a surprise. After years of wheelin' and dealin' in the Swedish mob, trying to get them to turn over a new leaf and walk the straight and narrow, Kerstin finally decided it was time for a more secure position. Unfortunately  for Swedish authorities, Kerstin left the country rather quickly when the cartel decided they had no place in the organization for a goody two-shoes and she found herself in a rather dicey situation. Fortunately for all of us, Collected Concepts is able to  provide you with someone who's got the street knowledge to make your life as smooth as possible. Trust us, Kerstin gets things done!


Donna is the keep of time, distributer of duties and overall cat wrangler of this creative group of rebels. Believe us when we say, Donna's job is more than full-time! Donna came into this position fully prepared because it wasn’t long ago that she was scaling the Hoover Dam trying to stop the most sinister of villains from taking over the world.  Working alongside Roger Moore and Sean Connery (before they were old), she saved the world more than once.  Eventually though. Donna needed something more challenging than the double agent life, so she returned to domestic life.  Following company protocol, her memory was erased.  


Donna has extensive experience in bookkeeping, art production, loves to sing and dance, and spend time with her family.  If you have a question about all thing Collected Concepts, she your lady.

Donna Failla

Corportate Au Pair

Tony BW.jpg

Tony's vast experience in the digital world combined with his cat like reflexes makes him the perfect man to help us craft the perfect digital solutions for you! It is rumored that Tony was raised by monks deep in the heart of the mountains in the mystical city of K'un-L'un. The thing is though, where did they get their internet feed? Yet another mystery left to the imagination by one of the industry's most effective digital warriors!

Tony Zack

Digital Ninja


What do you get when you combine an artist with a marketing minded titan? Well the Queen of Collaboration of course! Teresa uses her background in marketing an exceptional and we do mean exceptional, artistic skills to bring her team's visions to life! This artisan can work in any medium. In fact we're pretty convinced if you gave her two paperclips, a ball of wax and some string, she'd could turn it into some kind of amazing art project. 

It's critical that your imagery supports your message and doesn't lose sight of its role in assisting a campaign to meet your goals. Take a moment to discuss your vision wit Teresa. We're sure together you will create the next amazing campaign!


Teresa Failla

Queen of Collaboration


Think you have a tough request? Want something really fresh? Ashely's your gal. Her approach is so inspiring that even "The most interesting man in the world" has her on speed dial. Years of experience and an awesome college education have honed Ashely's skills to an epic level.


She has created logos for products, concert venues, artists, jewelers and more. Ashley is an artist who listen intently to the desires of her clients to ensure that the end product makes them rock star proud! Until your next meeting with Ashley ... Stay artsy my friends..


Ashley Jerzweski

Empress of Imagination

Alex 1.png

Alex may look like a secret agent, but his intent is very public. He joined the Collected Concept team to help their customers not only meet their goals, but to exceed them!


Alex recently graduated with a Master in Communications from Ball State University and completed his undergraduate work at Alma College. An avid golfer, basketball player and college football player, Alex will use both his competitive drive and education to help ensure that each of his clients is provided the best opportunity to dominate in their marketplace!



Alex Stephenson

Agent of Action


Chelsea Friddle


Creative, organized and focused, Chelsea is one top notch customer service rep! She loves her customers and her job almost as much as she loves her two beautiful daughters. When not working with customers or taking care of her girls, you might find Chelsea down at the range sharpening her skills blasting clay pigeons. Yep, this girl's quite the marksman and has an eye for detail which her customers appreciate.

With a background in retail jewelry sales, Chelsea clearly understands the needs of her retail customers and will bend over backwards to make sure her client's receive the help they need. So when you have a customer service questions, give Chelsea a shot ... (See what we did there?. Yes, we are going to end her bio with a bad pun.)




Lauren Yokom

Pixel Pixie

This recent Grand Valley State Graduate has brought her artistic flair and customer service skills to Collected Concepts. Don't underestimate this petite pixie. Growing up in the country with two big brothers has made her one tough cookie. So tackling any of the issues you need help with is a piece of cake! In fact, local legend has it that Lauren once tamed a 400 lb Black Bear with merely a stern look.

So if you are looking for a tough but talented sidekick to help you with your Social Media or other promotional needs, Lauren's your gal!



steph pic.png

Stephanie's ability to create showstopping, crazy wow imagery is nothing short of magical. Want a brand new image to grab a customer's attention and keep it? No problem! Need to completely alter or upgrade an existing image? Abra Cadabra! A wave of her Magic Mouse ... Bam! Done! Is that a composite image or a model shot you ask?  Bet you can't tell and neither will we. Yep, she's that good! This Detroit, Michigan based maven of all things artistic is also an accomplished painter and if you ever get the opportunity to taste one of her culinary creations, don't pass it up. She has mastered recipes that have been passed down for generations and are nothing short of extraordinary. So bring Stephanie your creative needs along with a big appetite. You won't be disappointed!



Stephanie Maniaci

Empress of Imagery


Jake, Bella, Rumor, Diver, & Lilly are considered the muscle & musical chorus of the company.  Not always the most pleasant or vocally pleasing, but they certainly know how to get things done.  At Collected Concepts we know that we are always being watched by one of the security dogs. Although they are lap dogs, it hurts pretty bad when you get bit on the ankle, trust us.  With that being said, they are loving dogs if you are working efficiently.  Every ship needs a captain to make the tough decisions and to occasionaly break out in a joyful song once in a while. Jake, Bella, Rumor, Diver, & Lilly are no-nonsense dogs and lend themselves perfectly to the vision of Collected Concepts. 



Jake, Bella, Rumor, Diver & Lilly

Corporate Choir & Muscle

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