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It All Starts With You and Your Staff!


To grow and nurture a successful business three factions must work hand in hand. The retail equation states:

​Product + Promotion + People = Profit

​​Are your people prepared to maximize the products and promotions your operation has in place?

Sales Training


​Collected Concepts' sales training introduces skills and behaviors that are needed to maximize sales opportunities. Associates practice these skills during training seminars and are to practice these skills daily. The store manager facilitates weekly practice sessions and holds associates accountable for using these skills and behaviors.  Goal setting exercises in conjunction with associate semi-annual reviews are provided to measure associate development.

The following topics are covered in the training seminars:

  •    Selling your product not commodity

  •    Marketing store events

  •    Effective telecommunications

  •    Diamond opportunities

  •    Product knowledge

  •    Turnovers

  •    Personal trade books

  •    Repairs

  •    Selling more bridal



Train the Trainer


Shop & Share


As a business owner, we know you are extremely busy.  So, it is difficult to know exactly how your customers are being served or how your competition is serving customers.  That is why Collected Concepts created the Shop & Share program, a “secret shopper” program that encourages winning behaviors in sales associates and provides objective feedback for store management.  In many cases, the Shop & Share program has revealed holes in even the finest stores.


Shop & Share works by informing the particular store the start and finish dates, the three “winning behaviors” that will be looked for, and the incentives in place.  Each store in the program will be professionally shopped during an agreed upon period. The secret shop itself will be secretly filmed and given to you as a reference.  Following the secret shop, a 2 hour onsite training meeting will be provided, that is powerful and custom fit to your store.


 Why Shop & Share?


  •    Create more sales short and long term

  •    Create associate performance objectivity

  •    Learn more about your competition 


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Management Training

Management training increases the overall functionality and profitability of the store! This management training program ensures each member of the team understands their role in the pursuit of furthering the profitable growth of a store.  Initiatives are implemented to define and illustrate each associate's progress.

Providing systems for coaching and counseling store associates helps facilitatesuccessful associate growth within the company. By maintaining and retaining a well trained team, time can be more effectively applied to driving sales from both inside and outside the immediate store environment.


  •    Associate coaching and counseling

  •    Building and maintaining an effective team

  •    Train the trainer

  •    Creating an action plan

  •    Time management

  •    Management of advertising and marketing

  •    Customer service expectations

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