Fly with Impact!

Here at Collected Concepts, we're the listening experts! We've got our ear to the ground, or rather, to the sky, to hear about our clients' challenges. We know that when it comes to marketing, it's better to listen first and talk later. Otherwise, we might end up going on a wild goose chase!
Once we know what our clients are dealing with, we can start soaring towards a solution. Our goal is to provide powerful, tailored strategies that fit like a pilot's glove and produce measurable results.
How do we soar with great ideas? Our secret recipe includes an abundance of
brilliant concepts from countless exceptional minds across various industries (even though we can't quantify them, but who's keeping score?). We are
passionate about collecting exceptional ideas and offering them to our clients
because, in marketing, sharing is caring and essential for flying high!

So, what can we help you with? We specialize in providing custom strategies for:

Marketing & Advertising
Management Training
Speaking Services
Social Media Management
Digital Marketing
Special Events
Sales Training

Trust us to be your co-pilots on your journey towards success.


Kiss & Tell Event

This is THE EVENT for any retailer and is the most powerful event we have to offer. If you haven't tried this, you're missing a huge opportunity. If you have tried this event.


Trunk Shows

Trunk shows can be a powerful tool used to produce sales and extend marketshare. However, it is important that in addition to bringing in a special selection of product


Holiday Party

Let Collected Concepts help reignite your customers' interest in attending your holiday parties so that you can capture the important sales these events should be generating for you.


Let's Play Ball

If your cause marketing is just because, its time to give it some purpose and direction. Support youth groups with charity events that are good for the community, good for your business ...